Grand Seiko

Born in 1960, Grand Seiko introduced the world to its uniquely designed watches; defining the essence of watchmaking in the elements of precision, beauty, legibility, durability and ease-of-use. The lion has graced the case back of each Grand Seiko watch, symbolizing timepieces that would be “The King of watches”.

The concept of Grand Seiko was born from the desire to build the world’s best watch. Mechanical watches utilize 200-300 individual parts to ensure precision of the movement. Seiko employs Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technology, bringing the mechanical accuracy of its parts to the forefront of technology.

Since 2004, their team of skilled watchmakers introduced the world to the unique Spring Drive technology. Spring Drive is a unique movement that combines the high torque of a mechanical watch with the high precision integrated circuit (IC) control system of an electronic watch. The unique signature of a Spring Drive watch is the beautiful and smooth glide motion of its second hand, including an accuracy of ± 15 seconds a month. Calibre 9R01, Calibre 9R96, Calibre 9R16 and Calibre 9R15 surpass even this ideal by ±10 seconds accuracy, equivalent to half a second a day. Spring Drive not only achieves a high level of precision, but also a remarkable 72-hour power reserve, due to advanced electronic and micro-engineering developments. This is amplified in the 9R01 8 Day Calibre watch, delivering up to 8 days of power reserve. For the international traveler, a GMT function and the precision of Spring Drive is a perfect combination, as the accuracy is maintained even when time zone adjustment is made.

The skilled team of Grand Seiko master watchmakers developed the unique Hi-Beat technology, introducing the 9S series. A 10 beat calibre beats at ten times a second, a rate substantially faster than that of ordinary mechanical movements. The faster vibration makes a watch more resilient to shock and more accurate, consuming more power from the mainspring, thus delivering 55 hours of power reserve. The mechanical Hi-Beat 36000 with GMT function is the embodiment of exceptional precision in both time display and GMT function in the Calibre 9S86. The latest Calibre 9S65 delivers a power reserve of 72 hours.